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Unlike shopping malls, this new district lives on the outside with streets, squares, sidewalks and shops and restaurants opening directly onto the street.

In Bangkok, the Siam square district

A new street frequented by young people
A busy neighborhood

Siam Square, the new urban proposal for young people

In the first place, the district of Siam Square is a great place to spend a day strolling. Redo the shops and enjoy a variety of fun activities. Whether you are a tourist or a resident of Bangkok, this district is a must.

A new neighborhood frequented by young Thais.

Bangkok’s Siam Square is inspired by the Hongdae district in Seoul. The Hongdae district is known for its relaxed and trendy atmosphere with dozens of trendy restaurants, bars and clubs, art galleries, music scenes and fashion storefronts. Very similar, Siam Square is inspired by the Korean Wave that young Thais now follow.

It has therefore become a very popular destination that young foreigners are also starting to frequent to take advantage of the many possibilities offered by this new district built around a central street, like its Korean model.

The area is one of the must-see destinations in Bangkok. Located in the western part of the city, it is one of the biggest shopping areas of the city, bathed by a crowd of visitors both local and tourist.

Initially a student district, it has become the temple of fashion, fashionistas and shophalcolics are in heaven. Small stores for students are still present in the perpendicular streets. Many restaurants are installed in the area, with a majority of Korean and Japanese restaurants.

Cultural activities

On the cultural side, activities are offered to visitors. For example, one can discover theater, music or street shows, also entertainment particularly adapted to young people looking for night entertainment. Day and night is very lively.

To finish, this area is served by two BTS stations, « Siam » and « National Stadium ».

The mall provides direct access to the BTS station.

View at night

In conclusion, Siam Square is an ideal place to see the latest trends, both architectural, urbanistic, fashion and artistic that the city of Bangkok offers after its awakening.


Philippe Diani CEO & Senior Architect of Deszent Design LLC Interior design and Architecture since 1984

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