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Talat Noi an old neighborhood under renovation

About Talat Noi

Located in the old heart of Bangkok, Talat Noi is a district which offers a unique mix of culture, gastronomy and curiosities to discover.

Talat Noi means, in Thai, Small market.

 You can get there by boat from the Saphan Taksin docks by stopping at Marine department or better Bhanurangsi pier.

By MRT, but you will have to walk a bit, at Hua Lampong station.

Another possibility is to take the bus number one on Charoenkrung road and stop at Talat Noi.

This district is the oldest district of Bangkok, the place at the edge of Chaopraya where the immigrants disembarked from the boats.

This district was very cosmopolitan, and we can find a church, a mosque and Chinese temples.

Talat Noi, map of the visit on a wall

The district is in the process of becoming a district labeled « UNESCO Heritage ».

The filmmaker, Wan Kar Wai, told us that when he wanted to film in an authentic Asian district of the 60s including Hong Kong, he came to shoot in this district which had not been modified and remained a testimony of the old Asia.

The film « in the mood for love » did not deviate from this vision.

In its heyday, the district had a tramway on Charoenkrung Street.

The renovation of the district shows a change of attitude towards the cultural heritage of the country. Renovation is becoming an economic model and many successful projects are being undertaken.

In the artistic district

Houses, docs and warehouses are renovated and transformed to become hotels, restaurants, galleries, museums or stores.

Artistic district, we will find a museum of the city at the waterfront Bhanurangsi pier, the creative design center, galleries including a cultural space Warehouse 30, the café restaurant, Baan Rim Nam organizes exhibitions on its first floor.

Hong Sieng Kong, an old Chinese house transformed into a café on the waterfront.

A beautiful Chinese house with a swimming pool in the middle of its garden, The So Heng Tai Mansion became a café without forgetting the Photohostel and photocafé which invites you to take pictures to publish on Instagram.

Today called creative district, this district stands out with the intervention of street artists who paint the walls, produce installations and imprint an artistic activity to the district. With its lively streets of paintings, ornate temples, old houses and various cafés/restaurants, it’s no wonder that this area has become a popular destination for tourists and Bangkokians alike.

Walking around Talat Noi

Another must-see attraction in Talat NoÏ is the Baan Bu community, a historic neighborhood that has been preserved to reflect the traditional Bangkok lifestyle. Visitors can stroll the narrow streets, admire the traditional wooden houses and observe the daily activities of the residents, who have retained many of their traditional customs and practices.One of the most notable features of Talat Noï is its street painting alley, known for its lively atmosphere and wide range of artists.

Visitors can find everything here. : Talat Noi an old neighborhood under renovation : Talat Noi an old neighborhood under renovation

A neighborhood that has remained traditional

Talat Noi is particularly popular for its street food, artists offering installations and paintings, and its ongoing renovation, leaving the original character of this neighborhood.

Besides its lively market, Talat Noi is also home to several important temples that offer a glimpse into Thailand’s rich religious history.

The most notable of these is Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, a 19th century Chinese Buddhist temple. Visitors can marvel at the ornate architecture and intricate decorations, which include dragon motifs, jade statues and an impressive main hall. : Talat Noi an old neighborhood under renovation

Street art

Why to visit Talat Noi ?

In conclusion, Talat Noi is a district that offers a unique blend of cultural, architectural and culinary sights, making it a must-see destination for anyone travelling to Bangkok.

Whether you want to explore historic temples, sample exotic street food or simply soak up the vibrant atmosphere of a traditional neighborhood that is being renovated and where the architecture is preserved as a testament, Talat Noi has something for everyone.


Philippe Diani CEO & Senior Architect of Deszent Design LLC Interior design and Architecture since 1984

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